Performance “Alai Market” by Filipp Krikunov and Egor Zaitsev at the “48 Hours Novosibirsk” festival. Novosibirsk. 2019


Team: Per Brandt, Angelina Burlyuk, Petr Zherebtsov, Mikhail Kazantsev, Elena Nosova, Martin Steffens

13.09.2019 — 15.09.2019

20+ city venues,


“48 Hours Novosibirsk” is a joint international festival organised by the curators of the Novosibirsk centre of culture “TsK19”, the Goethe Institute in Novosibirsk and the 48 Stunden Neukölln festival, Berlin. This festival comprised a series of artistic and musical events, involving the participation of over a hundred authors from Russia and Germany, and filling over twenty different venues — ranging from galleries and artists’ studios to bars, the metro and even the central market. The programme was compiled by means of an open call for contributors and included exhibitions, performances, objects and interventions in the urban environment, concerts, DJ sets and meetings with artists. The festival was thus well able to demonstrate the diversity of the artistic scene of Siberia in conjunction with the international context. “20 years ago, the ‘48 Hours Neukölln’ festival emerged in the conflict area of Berlin and served to confirm how a regular cultural event created by the local community can change the fate of a given territory. We are convinced that art is able to do more than simply demonstrate itself as such, being fully capable of engaging the public in a critical discussion on the ways in which society exists. The ‘48 Hours Novosibirsk’ festival was specifically conceived as an open platform for the discordant art scene and for those hitherto unfamiliar with contemporary art,” stated the curators of the festival. The website 48-hours-nsk.com was made to support the project.