Anastasia Potemkina’s “When plants cast no shadows” exhibition views. Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow. 2019

Exhibition “When plants cast no shadows”

The project is initiated and implemented by Smart Art

Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow

17.10.2019 — 17.11.2019

Anastasia Potemkina is an artist and founder of and participant in the “Urban Fauna Laboratory” project. Potemkina’s projects are executed in various different media — painting, video, performance and installation — and are associated with new approaches to the relationship between man and nature. Like previous projects by the artist, the exhibition “When plants cast no shadows” was dedicated to the world of ruderal flora — weeds — and the forms of post-human relations developing in this world. “All the works at this exhibition become transcriptions and translations into the non-verbal languages of information that the main heroes from the plant kingdom communicate to the viewer. Here the world after language is described as a new chance, a new hope and a new future for the common natural (rather than merely Western or universal) civilisation, a world based on the equal rights of approaches to cognition and mutual respect of various different species. A world where revelation coexists with the scientific method, and where the diurnal pattern of movement of leaves is equivalent to human bodily gestures, and where all sensory organs are equal, and synaesthesia is no longer a possibility, but a given,” comments curator Andrei Parshikov.