“PRO METOD” exhibition views. New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow. 2019

Creative laboratories held as part of an exhibition

Curators: Daria Pyrkina, Elena Rymshina, Ekaterina Sinitsina

New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

28.10.2019 — 15.03.2020

The exhibition “Avant-Garde. List No. 1” was timed to mark the centenary of the Museum of Painterly Culture (Russian abbreviation MZhK) – a unique museum platform of Russian avant-garde art which had operated in Moscow from 1919 to 1929. The MZhK was a museum of the “new type”, announcing new models for building its collection and its relationship with wider society. The exposition was accompanied by a cycle of creative laboratories on the latest advances in curatorial and museum practice. The laboratory programme covered several areas: exposition practices, communicative and motion design, sound and media art, and non-figurative painting. Selected works by the laboratory participants were shown at the “PRO METOD” exhibition held in the New Tretyakov Gallery.