She Does Nothing: Her Mama Wouldn’t Allow Her to Dance” exhibition views. Triumph Gallery, Moscow. 2019

Design school for teenagers

Curators: Lidia Lobanova, Alexandra Kheifets

GROUND Solyanka Gallery, Moscow

Triumph Gallery, Moscow

Museum of Moscow, Moscow

October 2018 onwards

“Cascade. Project as Method” is an interdisciplinary laboratory intended to bring together into a single community curators, artists and adolescents interested in contemporary art. “Cascade” was conceived as an inter-institutional structure whose activities would include the GROUND Solyanka and Triumph galleries and the Museum of Moscow. Cascade’s programme is drafted for one academic year and features a range of theoretical and creative classes on 12 themes, including “Action Art”, “Installation”, “Sculpture and Graphics” and “Digital Art”. At the end of their training process, the participants create their own art projects. As such, 2019 saw the Triumph Gallery open the exhibition “She Does Nothing: Her Mama Wouldn’t Allow Her to Dance”, in which 100 young people aged 12 to 17 took part.