Dagnini's “Disk (D:)” exhibition views. Fragment Gallery, Moscow. 2019

Exhibition “Disk (D:)”

Fragment Gallery, Moscow

17.04.2019 — 19.06.2019

Dagnini is an artist who works with performative practices, and creates objects, installations, paintings and graphic works. As the subject of her research, she has selected the errors that occur in both the real world and digital environments, broken scripts, and system failures. In the project “Disk (D:)”, Dagnini investigated images taken from the political and everyday life of 1990s Russia. The main line of the project was set by the “Windows” series: Soviet wall hangings and paintings were resolved in the aesthetics of the Windows 95 and Windows 98 operating systems, whose once-advanced interface is today no less nostalgic than any other material artefact of the era. The works were exhibited in an exhibition space stylised as the hallway and landing of a block of flats. The opening was accompanied by the performance Therapeutic Catering: a cake made in the shape of the White House, topped with candles, was placed in the centre of the gallery to be gradually destroyed by the visiting public.