Dmitry Morozov’s “TECHNE × vtol: The Interface of Happening” exhibition views. National Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow. 2019

Exhibition “TECHNE × vtol: The Interface of Happening”

National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow

30.07.2019 — 29.09.2019

The installation “Guest”

Zarya Centre for Contemporary Art, Vladivostok

05.10.2019 — 04.11.2019

Dmitry Morozov (::vtol::) is an iconic figure of Russian science art. As well as responding to the current scientific picture of the world, his works are also constructed using modern technologies, and their machinery has its own peculiar visuals and sound. These machine-works take on the freedom of creative expression, based on highly complex combinations of programmed actions and unpredictable errors. At the end of 2019, two of Dmitry Morozov’s projects were nominated for the Innovation Prize. The exhibition “TECHNE × vtol: The Interface of Happening” is a digest of key works by the artist and at the same time a review of works not previously shown in Moscow. “The twenty-odd works that were presented at this exhibition are a kind of interface for understanding my way of thinking, my optics, which are aimed at the point where, as I see it, art, science and philosophy are connected,” comments the author. The “Guest” installation, presented in Vladivostok, was dedicated to the Sikhote-Alin meteorite that fell to earth in the Russian Far East in 1947. The artist came up with a cyclical system that simulates the unique moment of the meteorite falling to the ground. Acting as the culmination of the project was the placing of the functioning installation in one of the craters left behind after a fragment of the meteorite exploded in the atmosphere.