Photographic documentation of Ekaterina Muromtseva’s project “Better Sung Together”. Tovarkovo residential home for the elderly and infirm, Tovarkovo, Tula Oblast. 2019

Exhibition “Better Sung Together”

Peresvetov Pereulok Gallery, Moscow

17.05.2019 — 30.06.2019

Ekaterina Muromtseva is an artist who works with photography, video and painting in watercolours. Her projects take the form of casts of the impressions made by places, meetings, events, and social and political contexts. An important component in Muromtseva’s artistic practice is pedagogy as a means of communicating with individuals and communities. The artist defined the genre of the “Better Sung Together” exhibition as the “an almanac of friendship”. It included works by residents and employees at nursing homes, with whom Muromtseva engaged in artistic activities over the course of several years. “I find it fascinating to draw with old grandmothers and grandfathers, and they are interested in singing. And so they teach me their ditties while I teach them watercolours. We discuss classical art, and ask questions of contemporary art. We create Our answer to Kabakov, Bulatov and Pepperstein. We go to exhibitions in museums and hold exhibitions at their care home,” the artist comments. “I collect photos and video albums during my trips, and our drawings and collages. I want to display our almanac and continue it. I don’t know where the border between the artist and the volunteer lies, it’s probably the case that every artist is a volunteer for the huge organization that is ‘life’. And nobody in this organisation wants to be an object of sympathy. Everybody wants to be an object of love.”