The Innovation 2020 exhibition programme occupies all 2000 square metres of the Arsenal exposition space and includes eight personal exhibitions of the artists whose works are presented in the “Artist of the Year” and “New Generation” nominations.

  • Ivan Gorshkov ”Fountain of Everything” — a large-scale installation in which authorial sculptures and objects are peculiarly combined with household objects and toys, turning colourful images of everyday life into a monumental form;
  • Dagnini “Disc (D:)” — a total installation dedicated to the 1990s, it merges aesthetics of typical stairwells with interfaces of operating systems Windows 95 and Windows 98;
  • Vladimir Kozin “Feel Like a Bird” — a selection of the artist’s works from the collection of the PERMM museum (Perm);
  • Ekaterina Muromtseva “Better Sung Together” — works created by the artist in cooperation with residents and employees of nursing homes, photo and video documentation of their collaborative work;
  • Dmitry Morozov “The Interface of Happening” — three installations and documentation of projects of one of the leading Russian science artists; the projects are created at the intersection of science, sound and visual art;
  • Pavel Otdelnov “Industrial Zone” — paintings, films, texts and found objects collected into a big project which tells the history of the Dzerzhinsk city through eyes of the artist, his friends and family members;
  • Anastasia Potemkina “When plants cast no shadows” — graphics, objects and video which form a united installation dedicated to relationships of man and nature;
  • Ivan Chemakin “MOP-2. The Monkey’s Prey” — a total installation representing childhood memories of the artist about the 1990s.

Projects from other nominations can be found on special web-site and in the catalogue.

23 August 2020 — 17 January 2021

Nizhny Novgorod, Arsenal, Kremlin, 6