“A Man the Size of a House” exhibition views. Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow. 2019

An exhibition in memory of Dmitry Brusnikin

“A Man the Size of a House”

Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow

22.10.2019 — 17.11.2019

“A Man the Size of a House” was an exhibition held to commemorate the director, actor and teacher Dmitry Brusnikin (1957–2018), and was organised by the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the “Territoriya” International Festival and School of Contemporary Art, and the Brusnikin Studio.

The curator of this project was Ksenia Peretrukhina, an artist whose creative career has been closely connected with the theatre. The exposition took the form of a symbolic body of Brusnikin himself — an iconic figure in the Russian theatre and founder of his own school, which has become one of the most striking phenomena in the world of drama in recent decades. Quotations, biographical facts, objects, personal items, audio and video recordings maintained a space of freedom and communication, reflecting that which the director had created around him during his lifetime. The exhibition included numerous theatrical readings, rehearsals, performances, and creative laboratories, all working to produce an image of Brusnikin that was not static, but found in constant change and further expanded through the participation of his students, colleagues and spectators.