“Overcoming Art” exhibition views. Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow. 2019

Exhibition “Overcoming Art”

Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow

01.05.2019 — 23.06.2019

The “Overcoming Art” project forms the second part of an exhibition duology rethinking the events of May 1968 in Paris. Its author is the artist and theorist Natalya Smolyanskaya, a researcher into the philosophy and epistemology of art, issues connected with the avant-garde and institutional criticism. Under the Guy Debord slogan “Overcoming Art”, this exhibition featured magazines, publications and posters of significance for the history of contemporary art, interactive installations by Yvaral and Julio Le Parc, along with works by Daniel Buren, Gil Wolman, Isidore Isou and Gérard Fromanger, hitherto not exhibited in Russia. While keeping its focus on 1968, the project also encompassed various creative practices of the 1950s and 1970s that criticised customary understandings of art. The works were not presented to the public as autonomous artistic expressions or as an “archive of the era”, but as the eyewitnesses of and participants in the political events concerned.