Photographic documentation of events at the Post-Soviet Research Laboratory. Saint Petersburg. 2019

Curators: Dmitry Vilensky, Nina Gasteva, Olga Egorova (Tsaplya)

Roza House of Culture, Saint Petersburg


The School of Engaged Art is an educational institution founded in 2013 by Saint Petersburg artists belonging to the Chto Delat’ (“What is to be done”) collective. Chto Delat’s creative strategy has always been closely associated with the dissemination and production of knowledge: the group’s projects regularly include summer schools, workshops, laboratories, didactic exhibitions and other formats intended to attract new audiences to the territory of art and aid the development of young artists. Since 2015, the School has been located in the Roza House of Culture (a selforganised cultural centre named in honour of Rosa Luxemburg), founded by Chto Delat‘. The Post-Soviet Research Laboratory was a retraining course for the School of Engaged Art devoted to the topic of development in post-Soviet/postCommunist territories. The programme included an intensive educational course, performances, research and art exhibitions in the Roza Centre of Culture, as well as a printed publication — the comrade-bulletin RE-POST-SOVIET.