Photographic documentation of the parallel programme for the exhibition “The Art of Being”. Pharmaceutical Garden, Moscow. 2019

Parallel exhibition programme

Curators: Larisa Grinberg, Nadezhda Gura, Irina Skuratovskaya, Natalya Stepanova-Goncharova

National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow

06.03.2019 — 02.06.2019

Pharmaceutical Garden, Moscow State University

Botanical Gardens, Moscow

14.06.2019 — 28.07.2019

NCCA Arsenal, Nizhny Novgorod

13.09.2019 — 13.10.2019

The inclusive exhibition “The Art of Being” was a project of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts, realized in partnership with the charitable foundation Gulf Stream. The works created for the exhibition by leading Russian artists represented various forms of relations that arise between art and the public. The project’s inclusive agenda was manifested in both the subject of the works and the suggested forms of interaction with them — visual, audio and tactile. Numerous lectures, workshops, guided tours and performative events presented a variety of languages and methods for communication, as well as the latest strategies for including people with disabilities in the life of a museum. In 2019, the project “The Art of Being” was shown in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, and 2020 saw a continuation of this in a tour through Russia’s regions.