“The Land of Muzyem” exhibition views. PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm. 2019


Curators: Gorod Ustinov Micro-Art-Group

PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art,


16.11.2019 — 19.01.2020

“The Land of Muzyem” was a curatorial project of the Udmurt “Gorod Ustinov Micro-Art-Group”, realized at the PERMM museum. The artistic practices of “Gorod Ustinov” are associated with the creation of small works made from found materials and objects, as well as the study and conceptualisation of local territories. The exhibition “The Land of Muzyem” was dedicated to the cultural landscape of Udmurtia and included both objects of contemporary art and documentation of the activities of various non-artistic communities — from the Centre for Modern Dramaturgy and Direction in Izhevsk to the People’s Museum of Lost Villages founded by the inhabitants of the village of Sep. The exhibition also included projects dedicated to Perm, highlighting the cultural as well as geographical proximity of the two regions. The word muzyem used in the title means “land” in the Udmurt language, and was here interpreted in three ways by the artists of “Gorod Ustinov” — “soil”, “territory” and “planet” — thus determining the tripartite structure of the project. The exhibition was an open laboratory where museum visitors took part in its creation and work.